Sunday, July 8, 2012

Poor Pup!

This poor pup went on a walk with Grandpa in the fields and didn’t make it back with Grandpa.   After several hours in the heat and he wasn’t showing up, a search effort started.  Jared went out in the fields to look for him.  He found him pretty far away in our fields just laying there.  He wouldn’t even get up.  Jared went back and got Cameron and they took the cart out there to bring him back.  After lifting him into the cart and pulling him back, he started to recover.  It took several days though and we didn’t think he was going to make it (he IS 12 years old and that’s old for big dogs).  He seemed to perk back up after a few days (and after a pain pill!) and is still plugging along!  We sure love this pup and it won’t be the same in our family without him!  If you haven’t seen Gordo smile in person, you’re missing out on a real treat!!


  1. Oh Gordo... The yao ming of golden retrievers.

  2. Love this story! Cute Gordo!