Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 28- Day 30

Day 28-A picture of you from last year & now-how have you changed?

April 2010 I still had my braces for one month! So glad they're gone!! Besides that.... Not much more has changed. My hair may be a little bit shorter (and I probably gained some weight but let's not mention that!) but I think that's about it!

Day 29-In this past month, what have you learned?

I have learned that I run out of time and I don't have as much time to blog as I would like to. I have realized again that I have amazing friends and family and I am so blessed because of it.

Day 30-Your favorite song

One of my favorite songs is "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls. I've always enjoyed this song and its always been so beautiful to me. Enjoy!

Friday, April 29, 2011

4 Year Transplant Reunion

Every year, City of Hope puts on a Reunion for all of the recipients, donors, and the families of Bone Marrow Transplants. Its a really neat gathering and there are tons of people from all walks of life! When you check in, you get a big button and they write how many years ago you got your transplant. It was my fourth year and so I got my big button! They have lunch for everyone, games for kids, entertainment, a guest speaker, and they even bring 2 donors to meet their recipients for the first time. Often times the donors will come from another country. I would love to meet my donor someday and I can only imagine how excited these people are. It was the first time my dad has come to the reunion with me so it was fun to be able to share this neat experience with him and my mom. So enjoy the pictures of my very special day!!

City of Hope from the freeway

Celebrating with my two favorite people!

Janae! Dr. O's Physician Assistant

Dr. O'Donnell- Oh how I love her!

Enjoying the speakers and entertainment!

Like my pin?!

Thanks for spending so much time at this hospital with me throughout the years Mom!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Invite Got Lost In The Mail!

A few more hours & this beautiful couple will be the spotlight around the world!
I'm pretty sure my invite to the wedding got lost...

Oh well! There is still one more chance to become part of this family!

Hello Harry!!

Good Bill of Health... Finally!!

Today I went to my doctor's appointment at City of Hope hospital in Duarte, California where I had my Bone Marrow Transplant. Coming back to City of Hope usually brings very mixed emotions. The first year my mom and I came back for my appointment it was really hard and we were both an emotional wreck! We have very vivid memories of being in this hospital, spending 6 weeks in the hospital and another 6 weeks coming to appointment everyday. Being on the edge of death, celebrating the miracle of life, making friends with patients, nurses, and doctors. Its just a lot. But this time wasn't sad! It was actually happy and I was really excited to go and see the people that I love seeing! I usually go and visit my favorite nurse Rodrigo when I go back but I found out he was recovering from surgery so he wasn't there so I was bummed about that. I had an appointment with Dr. O'Donnell first then a bone marrow biopsy scheduled afterwards. As my dad, mom, and I were sitting in the waiting room, my dad had the Brilliant idea that when I got my biopsy done that he would record it so I could put it on my blog!! YES!!! Perfect idea!! I was actually excited to get my biopsy done for that very reason!! Dr. O came in and she is just the cutest ever! We chatted for awhile and she wanted to know all about what happened in the past year (I only go to City of Hope once a year) and what was going on! She is like an adorable grandma! I love her! Once we were done catching up, she did the normal check up stuff then looked at my blood tests. She then said, "Well, I'll see you next year!". At that point I was really confused! I asked what about my biopsy and she said there was no need to do one!!! Wait, Did I hear that right?!!! For the first time in 5 years I did not have to have a biopsy!! AND, to make things even better, I don't have to get another one unless my doctors are concerned about something. I was totally shocked! So that was FANTASTIC news!!! But, I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed that I didn't have it on video to put on my blog!!
The Beautiful Rose Garden's at City of hope

This is the building I spent 6 wks in during my transplant

Our normal happenings waiting for the doc!

Mom studying for her boards!

Gorgeous Roses! You should have smelt them!

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 27th Anniversary, you Goofballs!!
Thanks for being amazing parents,
an amazing example of a happy/eternal marriage,
and two of the best people in the world!

I love you both!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CONCACAF Championships

Real played Monterey, Mexico's team in the CONCACAF Championships and the final game was held at Rio Tinto Stadium in Sandy. This is the first time a MLS team has made it this far in the CONCACAF league. My parents and I were supposed to leave for Southern California that day but I begged and begged to stay and go to the game and drive through the night! I just couldn't miss this huge opportunity!! We got to the game early and with 15 minutes before game time the stadium was PACKED!! The energy was unreal!! Streamers were flying everywhere and they were wrapped in the nets and the stadium workers were actually rolling the piles of streamers off the field! It was awesome!! The one thing that was missing during the whole game was RSL's captain, Kyle Beckerman, because of yellow card violations throughout the playoff and finals. It was heartbreaking that he couldn't be there after all the hard work he has done. He is really part of the heart of the team. After a hard played game, Real lost and it was seriously so sad. I was so proud of the guys though and the hard work they put into these league games. They really showed that we have a lot of potential! Go RSL!

Pre-game Excitement!

Streamers were everywhere!!!

Ash and I at the game!

Saborio and Beckerman after the loss...
This picture breaks my heart.

Day 25-27

Day 25-What I would find in your bag

You would find my wallet, gum, a pen or two, a little note book, some gum wrappers, an old RSL ticket (or two!), my cell phone, chap stick, and usually my camera!

Day 26-What do you think about your friends

I think my friends are fabulous and unique in every possible ways! I have many different groups of friends and they all add some uniqueness to my life that I would never want to replace! They are very dear to me and I love them all so much! I hope they know that I love them and appreciate all that they do for me!

Day 27-Why you are doing this 30 day challenge

I was doing this 30 day challenge to get some ideas for blogging and also to try to get into the habit of blogging at least every other day. Of course I picked the worse month to do it with finals, graduations, and other family things going on!! Oh well! It was still fun!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Hero of a Dad!

Today my Dad was awarded the "Wilderness Rescue Hero of the Year" from the American Red Cross Utah Chapter. I am so proud of him and he is a great example to me of taking trials in your life and turning it into something good and helping other with what you learned. I'm proud of you Dad! I love you!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Easter at the Bardsley Home is pretty great! I LOVE Easter! Easter morning we have a big breakfast at Grandma's (she goes ALL out!!), Easter baskets with a bunch of goodies, a great church meeting remembering our Savior and the purpose of Easter, dinner with the extended family, and the funniest/most entertaining part of the day is a new tradition we started last year... EXTREME EGG DECORATING!! Earlier that day we drew names and we have to decorate an egg for that person. Seriously we go all out! And the whole time we're decorating them we make it a secret and we don't know who has who (of course it gets out and some people know who has who!). This year we didn't disappoint! Here are some pics of the great festivities!!

Ashley got a basket full of Fruits, Veggies, and Hummus because she hasn't eaten sweets for over a year now!! I don't know how she does it!!

Ashley & I made Cake Pops the day before! Sheep, Ducks/chicks (they look like both!), Bunnies, & Eggs.

Chick/Duck Cake Bite!

Sheep Cake Bite (My favorite ones!)

Grandpa decorated my dad's egg- something about hurting yourself with a hammer!!! HAHA Silly Grandpa!

Brandon made me a Kyle Beckerman Egg!!!

I made Ash a BYU Lacrosse Egg!

Heather made an AMAZING Jasmine Egg on a flying carpet!

Lauren made Grandma a cute snorkeler!

Ash made Grandpa a "Millie" Egg!

My dad made Jerry a Coach Egg even with a real whistle!!

Grandma made an adorable Heather Egg for Heather!

My Mom made Jared a Boutonniere egg and Jared made my Mom a HILARIOUS "BYU 'Cougar' Graduate"!

All of the Eggs together! What a talented family!!!

Happy Easter everyone and I hope you were able to spend it with the one's you love and even though we have fun and eat delicious Easter treats, may we always remember the true meaning of Easter and the amazing sacrifice our Savior gave to us.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Master Mom

(She's a piece of work!! "Take a picture of my sleeves blowing in the wind!!" WOW!)

Yesterday my mom graduated with her Masters in Social Work at Brigham Young University! I am SOOOO proud of her!! She is the true example of hard work and dedication! She is truly going to be an amazing Social Worker (I mean, look at the husband and kids she has had to deal with! She's superwoman!). She has been the Relief Society President, interning, and going to school all at the same time and I don't know how she has done it! She insisted that for a week we call her "Master Mom" (she's not full of herself at all!!). She reminds us of her title whenever we forget to call her by that name! Her graduation was a little long... but it was worth sitting through to watch her complete this amazing accomplishment! You would have never had know that she was 50 sitting down on the floor with her peers because they we're being very irreverent!! Gotta love my Mom!!

She has made so many friends in her program and they all look up to her so much! Here are a few pictures of the BIG day!

Josh (my new brother/friend because of this program!), Me, and Mom!

Congrats Master Mom! I'm so proud of you and you are an amazing example to me!
I love you!

P.S. Congrats to you as well Josh! I'm so grateful that my mom was able to meet you in the program and you have become a part of our lives!