Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dear Blog...

I miss you my friend.
We have A LOT of catching up to do.
This weekend, I PROMISE!

Love, Me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

26 Years Young!

As you can see from my Fabulous Brother, it was my 26th b-day on March 23rd!
It was a wonderful day with many wonderful celebrations! I definitely felt loved!

To start the celebrations off, my family and I went to dinner the day before my birthday with 3 of my favorite people: Donna, Blake, and Lauren "Lo" Gutierrez!
We went to La Jolla Groves at the Riverwoods and it was as delicious as ever!

Lo, Blakey, & Me!

My actual birthday started off with a family birthday tradition: Birthday Breakfast!
My Mom, Dad and I went to a semi-new restaurant in Provo called Communal.
I had the best biscuits & jam I have EVER had (I'm salivating thinking about them!)
After breakfast my mom and I took the day off of work/school and went shopping!!
Instead of a birthday present I pick out a few things and spend the day with my mom!
We hit the Park City Outlets and totally SCORED at the J.Crew Outlet!
We met up with my Dad, Jared, Granny and Grandpa, and my fabulous friend Ashley Lower for dinner at Pizzeria 712 in Orem (One word: YUM!)
We had yummy pizza, hummus, and a delicious citrus panna cotta.
When I got home I had cupcakes waiting for me made from scratch (and simply delicious!) by AMAZING roommate, Emma! (Did I mention that she also made a cupcake stand just before the occasion?! She did!! Such a crafty/wonderful girl!!)
She invited some of our friends over and we had a fun little party! I felt so loved!
Emma and Mallory gave me a ticket and dinner date to go with them to the Mat Kearney concert in July! I can't wait! It will be a fun girls night with two wonderful/fun girls!
My sweet brother gave me a signed picture of Kyle Beckerman (*SIGH*) & made me cry by writing me a beautiful blog post and putting so much thought and time into it!

(I was going to post a pic here but realized I didn't take any pics on my actual b-day!)

The next day was more celebrations when my friends Racheal and Skyler threw me a party for a different group of my friends! I have the greatest friends a girl could ask for!
We sat around and chatted and just had a GREAT time with everyone!
Racheal throws great parties & is always looking for a reason to throw one!

The Party Planners:
My sweet friend Rach!

Sky Guy!

Blue Teeth=Liked Cake/Frosting (*clear throat* DANICA!!)
Awesome candles right?!

26 Years Old!!

"Party People In the House":
J.P., Skyler, Gerrit, Terrell, Caity
Rach, Lindy Andi, Blaire
Danica, Britten, Me!

Overall it was a FABULOUS 3-day Birthday Celebration!
Thank you to all of you that made my day so special!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well I decided I needed to do something special for my favorite sister’s birthday. I thought of all the cool things I could buy her, but they just didn’t seem like they were enough for such a special girl (don’t worry I bought you a present also ha ha). So I decided there would be nothing better than to give you something that you will be able to keep and cherish for the rest of your life, so I hope my words will be able to truly express how I feel about you. Courtney Amber Bardsley was born on March 23, 1985 to Heidi and Kevin Bardsley. That day was the beginning of the reign of the princess in the Bardsley family. Courtney is the oldest of three amazing brother (which for some reason she referenced as the 3 stooges, which she meant to say the 3 amigos or 3 kings or 3 musketeers or the 3 stud muffins, I guess she doesn’t proof read what she writes). Courtney has the privilege of being the only girl, and oh boy does she take advantage of that one. When I was growing up I found myself doing things I wasn’t too fond of such as: wearing a dress (no comment from anyone, I was like 3 I had no choice), playing with Barbies (that wasn’t as bad Barbie is hot), watching lame girl shows instead of Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers, having curlers put in my hair, wearing something I really didn’t want to (but she was always right with picking out outfits when we got older), doing extra work around the house (cause she didn’t like yard work), dealing with something known as that time of the month, I will stop here I think you get the picture. As Courtney and I grew up she found out how easy and fun it was to beat me up, (I blame my lack of brains on her) then one day she found out I was stronger than her and that stopped real quick. Now she has all the right things to say to make me stop harassing her (example: stop I’m not wearing a bra, freaking gross). She was and is Daddy’s little girl, I didn’t think anyone but my Mom could get my Dad to buy things for her but by some girl power she has mastered this ability. I know all of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “man how does Jared live with that girl!!!!” Well here is the answer to your question, God put us together so I had no choice ha ha. I am kidding, I wouldn’t have traded those times with Courtney for all the riches in this world. She has been one of the greatest examples of what our Heavenly Father wants us to become in our journey of life. As we all know Courtney has been through more trials than most 26 year-old girls should every go through. The funny thing is that if you were to meet Courtney for the first time you would have never guessed she has had so many trials to overcome. I remember the day when I got that dreadful phone call from Courtney to tell me that she had cancer. I just started to cry and think to myself, “Heavenly Father, she doesn’t deserve this after all that our family has gone through with the loss of Garrett”. Then this overwhelming feeling of comfort came over me, at that moment one single thought came to my mind, “if anyone can handle this it is Courtney”. We all know that statement is very true, Courtney is one of the strongest people I know and I will also go to her for that strength she provides. Courtney has done so much good for people and she continues to do good through many different ways including this blog. She has written beautiful messages for people on their birthdays usually including a top 10 about that person so I will include my top 10 things I love about my sister.
10. SHOPPING SPREES: The many times she has helped me shop for a variety of thing including: birthday presents, clothes for me, presents for girlfriends, and sometimes just shopping for the fun of it. We always have a good time doing this together, she cares enough to take time out of her busy schedule to help me.

9. VACATION TIME: We have had many fun and crazy times on vacations, from family vacations around the world to trips to California or Lake Powell. One of the greatest vacations was our study aboard to England where we became so much closer as friends, which hasn’t stop since that vacation (I guess it wasn’t suppose to be a vacation but educational).

8. SOCCER CRAZY: How much she loves Real Salt Lake and how she lusts after Kyle Beckerman. We have had so many good memories going to the games and this won’t stop GO REAL!!!

7. CARD CRAZY: If you like playing cards and board games I challenge you to come play at the Bardsley household. We will dominate anyone that steps into our game zone. It is so nice to go home Sundays and have Courtney and my family to laugh and play games.

6. CARE BEAR COURTNEY: Courtney is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She somehow remembers all the important dates and will make sure that people feel loved on those dates and will ask for nothing in return. It’s great for me cause I can always text her to know when someone’s birthday is so I don’t feel dumb cause I forgot what day it was.
5. WORK IT GIRL: Yea kind of a weird title, but Courtney works so hard and no one can stop her from achieving the goals that she wants to achieve.

4. FAMILY MATTERS: If there is something that one of the family members is participating in Courtney is there to help or to cheer them on. Who needs cheerleaders when you have a sister like Courtney, this just shows how much she cares about us and how great of a mother she will be one day.

3. DANG I LOOK GOOD: Courtney has great style, and is known for always looking as the girls say “SOOO CUTE”. She love to shop and find good deal, but she is far from high-maintenance.

2. WHAT A TESTIMONY!: Through thick and thin it seems like Courtney comes out on top with a stronger testimony. "Everybody in this life has their challenges and difficulties. That is part of our mortal test. The reason for some of these trials cannot be readily understood except on the basis of faith and hope because there is often a larger purpose which we do not always understand. Peace comes through hope." --James E. Faust

1. SHE IS THE BESTEST SISTER EVER!: What can I say she is the best sister I have. She takes care of us and makes sure we are doing what we need to be doing. She cares about what is going on in my life and wants to help me with anything I need help with. She is that shoulder to cry on when something breaks your heart. She is the one you can trust to get something done and that will love you no matter what happens or what you do. She is my amazing older sister Courtney Amber Bardsley. “A sister is a gift from God, sent from above to make life worthwhile here below.” –unknown

Here are some other funny quotes that remind me of Courtney.

“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.”

“If you don't understand how someone could both love their sister dearly and want to wring her
neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child.”

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there.”

“Sisters annoy, interfere, and criticize. Indulge in monumental sulks, in huffs, in snide remarks. Borrow. Break. Monopolize the bathroom. Are always underfoot. But if catastrophe should strike, sisters are there. Defending you against all comers.”

“A sister is one who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”

“More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you've been bad and good.”

Courtney you are the greatest sister I have or could ever ask for. I love you so much and thank you for everything you do for me and all the people around you. May you have many more years of happiness and good memories (hopefully with me).

With love only a brother could give to his sister,

Jared Bardsley

Look at those glasses!! This was before my Mom became a self-proclaimed "Cougar" on campus (A BYU Cougar that is!).
She hasn't changes one bit!
Even at my own baby blessing she had to be the center of attention, get your hands off me!
See I told you, horrible, just horrible.
Now you know where we get our great style from. I think that mustache is illegal in most parts of the country.
She is Ducky!
We are freaking cute! Look at that hair Courtney and how about my ballin Sweater.
Im glad my Mom let me dress like white trash when I was younger and we where all happy to see courtney graduate.
She said she was saving me, you be the judge.
Once again, nothing has changed.
Love you Courtney
Happy freaking Birthday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Years Ago Today... Part III

March 19, 2006

Today they woke me up and took me to radiology to get a x-ray of around my lungs to see if there was any more fluid that they needed to extract. They needed me to lift my arm on the side that I had my surgery and I had never felt so much pain. It was so painful that I actually threw up. It was not a good experience! I honestly can't remember the rest of the day. I mostly just rested and waited for the doctor's to tell me what was wrong with me. They were still testing the mass and the fluid. They nurses were so great to me and they actually put me in the bigger room on the 7th floor because I had so many supportive friends and family that came. I slept most the day though! It was a weird feeling just hanging out at a hospital not knowing what is going to happen and what's around the next corner. I guess that's when you take your faith and really make it work.

Friday, March 18, 2011

5 Years Ago Today... Part II

So this continues my five year cancer story...

March 18, 2006

I had surgery to have a biopsy on the lump in my breast today and it was my first surgery ever. Before I had the surgery they went back to extract more fluid that filled my chest again. This time they took so much out that my lungs had space to fill out again and it was miserable to have my lungs expand again so quickly. After that they took me to have surgery on the lump. I was a little nervous to go under anesthesia for the first time (but now I have a sick obsession with it and I love it!!!!). It was a pretty painful surgery and I couldn't lift my arm afterwards. But overall it was ok. I still didn't know what was going on with me and they were talking about putting me in isolation in case it was Tuberculosis. It was kind of all just a weird feeling and I didn't know how long I was going to be in the hospital. It was all just up in the air at that point. I was so grateful for my mom being there all the time playing games with me to have the time go by. I was basically out of it most the day though because of the anesthesia so it was nice to just rest.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

5 Years Ago Today...

Wow, so many mixed emotions today...
Five years ago today I was put into the hospital.
Something was wrong and we didn't know what it was.
I've never wrote down my experiences with my cancer battle,
and I figured this is a great opportunity since 5 years is a huge milestone.
So the next couple days of blogging for me will be therapeutic and emotional.
My life did a complete 180 starting on this day.
For the good and for the bad.

March 17, 2006

I had a doctor appointment with a general surgeon to take a look at removing a lump from my breast. I went to a gynecologist and she said that it wasn't a big deal but if I wanted to get it removed I could but didn't have to. I decided it bugged me so I might as well. I didn't want to go to the appointment alone so I asked my mom to come with me. The surgeon came in, did his normal check up, checked my lymph nodes, and asked me if I had been feeling ok. The past month or so I had been having a really hard breathing and sleeping ALOT! My general doctor diagnosed me with asthma and I was treating that. The surgeon was concerned because my lymph nodes where swollen and sat my mom and I down to talk to us. He wanted me to go to a Pulmonologist because of my shortness of breathe, etc. He had 3 ideas of what it could be: 1. Tuberculosis, 2. Lymphoma, 3. Something I can't remember now! He made an appointment for me to go straight to the pulmonologist and my mom and I headed over there. In the elevator I asked my mom what Lymphoma was. I knew I had heard about it before but couldn't remember what it was. She told me it was cancer and I burst into tears. About a month and a half earlier I had a dream I had cancer and it scared me to death. I told my mom and she told me not to worry and whatever it was I would get it straightened out. I've never prayed in my life to have Tuberculosis but I was doing it then! The pulmonologist did some tests and x-rays and discovered I had fluid in my chest around my lungs that was squeezing my lungs which was causing the shortness of breathe. He decided I needed to be admitted to the hospital and he needed to take the fluid out of my chest. I asked if I could have a couple hours to get things arranged with school at BYU and that I would check in at a certain time. My mom took me to BYU and I talked to one of my professors to tell him what was going on. We went to get some food at Kneaders before I was admitted, then back to the hospital I went. I had never stayed in the hospital before so this was all new to me. I was married at the time, called my husband to tell him what was going on, and my mom and I hung out in my hospital room until the doctor came in. The doctor used a very large and very long needle to take the fluid out. He stuck the needle into my back using an ultra sound and started to extract the fluid. Man was that painful. I also never wanted to eat Kneaders again after loosing my meal! He took out jars and jars of fluid. I couldn't believe it. I felt so crumby and just wanted to sleep. I had a surgery scheduled for a biopsy of the lump in my breast so I was also feeling anxious about that. Of course you can't go to the hospital to rest because they're waking you up so many times to draw blood, take vitals, etc. But they're just doing their job.

So that was my St. Patrick's Day five years ago.
Stayed tuned the next few days to read the rest of the story...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday to 3 Amazing Women!

Today is the birthday of 3 amazing women in my life that I love very much!

My best friend and "Sister from another Mister": Caitlin Tidwell
No matter what we're doing we are always laughing and having fun!
I met her many years ago on swim team & has always been the sister I never had!
I love her so much and I'm so grateful she's my friend.
Even if we don't talk weekly or see each other for months, I know she's always there!
She's funny, beautiful, and such a great person!
Happy 25th Birthday Cait! I love you!

Cait and I in Costa Rica! Crazy girls!

Uintas with Cait. She's always there supporting me!


The next amazing woman is my Aunt Brenda.
She is my dad's youngest sister and I sure love her!
She lives in San Diego and I wish I could see her and her family more.
She is married to a wonderful man and I love spending time with them.
She makes AMAZING caramel popcorn and I love having sleep overs and watching movies with her and her family! It is a must-do activity when I go to San Diego!
She always is wondering how I'm doing and loves to hear about my current crushes, school, etc.
Almost every year we spend a week camping on the beach in the summer time and I look forward to this time I get to spend with her and her family!
I love you Aunt Brenda and I hope to see you soon!
Happy Birthday!

My Aunt Brenda & Uncle Kurt!


The next amazing woman is my dear friend Lindsey Rozier.
I met Lindsey in very unfortunate circumstances but our friendship helped me, my family, and hopefully their family during very hard and difficult personal times.
Lindsey's older sister Robin had a Bone Marrow Transplant at the same time and same hospital at the same time I did and we spent a lot of time together in the hospital.
She took care of her sister and her niece during this difficult time.
I haven't met such an selfless and beautiful woman as she is.
She is really one of my heros.
I hope I can be as great of a person as she is some day.
She really is absolutely amazing!!
Happy Birthday and congrats on the engagement Linds!
I wish I could see you more! Just know I think the world of you!

Isn't she just beautiful and awesome?!!
Hope you don't mind me stealing your pic off FB!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My First Guest Blogger!.... Ashley Lower!!!

I'm so excited to have my first guest blogger! This makes me feel like my blog is important or popular or something... but really I'm just goofy and have great friends that humor me! So here is my first guest blogger! I hope this continues and if you want to be a guest blogger on my blog I would absolutely love it! Just let me know!

This is my amazing friend Ashley Lower. She is from St. Louis and we met at BYU in the dorms as freshmen (wow 8 years ago! Feels like we've been friends forever!)! She is seriously one of my best girl friends ever! I love her so much and I know she is always there for me! She always make me laugh and is the best friend a girl could ask for! My parent's call her their adoptive daughter. She is seriously part of the family! So here she is! I'm excited she is sharing some of her life/thoughts with all of you! Hopefully this will be the start of a weekly feature on my blog!!

Hello, I am honored that Courtney asked me (or maybe I made the suggestion) that I be a guest on this wonderful blog. For, I am a faithful follower (or in the blogger world, her blog stalker). Courtney and I have been friends for many years, and the other day were discussing my life full of blunders. She was trying to get me to start my own blog, but I don't think I am up for that yet... it's a little too much too soon. I thought however that I could share a few stories on here.

So two weekends ago, a friend and I made an attempt to go cross country skiing... I say attempt because, well it never actually happened. On the way up, our car broke down and we spent the next three hours going trying to find a way back down the mountain. What an adventure! Blunder #1.

So fast forward one week, and we made attempt number two. Much more successful than the first. We actually got to ski. So I've done downhill skiing, and well, this was different. Let's just say I struggled. At one point, I decided that I was going to try to do a 180 off this little hill. I climbed up a little ways, jumped off with about two feet of air and fell flat on my back. The next fifteen minutes was spent in laughter and failed attempts to stand back up. My skis crossed and at one point, my skis were on my feet facing opposite directions. Blunder #2.

Fast forward about twelve hours to Sunday morning. We had stake conference so my schedule was a little off. I got up and got ready for church, threw on my dress and headed off. At one point during the session, they had us stand up to sing a song. I realized, huh, my dress feels weird, I wonder what is going on. But of course, not the appropriate time or place to try to figure this out. The session ended and I went back to Courtney's (the real genius of this blog) and hung out for a while. In the midst of our conversation, I look down to notice that there is something brown hanging out from under my dress. After further investigation, I realized that I had worn my lacrosse shorts under my dress to stake conference that morning. Are you kidding me? Who does that? Blunder #3

Well, I guess you are probably all now wondering... why is Courtney friends with this crazy girl? I can answer that for you... my mom pays her. After eight years of being friends, I just found that out. Oh well, she is amazing and whatever the reason, I am still so happy and appreciative that she is my friend!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Granny Goose!

Today is my beautiful Grandma's 80th birthday today!
Can you believe she's 80? She doesn't look a day over 60!
I couldn't ask for a better Grandma. Here is a list of things I admire about my grandma:

1. She is so loving! I always feel loved and wanted when I'm with her.
2. She is always serving those around her. Whether its being a Pink Lady at the Hospital, serving at the Bishop's Storehouse, making dinner for someone in our ward, or doing something for one of her children or grandchildren.
3. She is an AMAZING cook!!! I always know I'm going to like something when she cooks!
4. She always loves to hear what is going on in my life and is genuinely interested and loves to get to know all my friends and find out about my latest crush!!
5. She is so talented! You should see the quilts she makes, the embroidery she does, etc. I wish I had the patience and talent to do the things she does.
6. I love playing card games with her. It's an expected family activity when we're all together.
7. She is GORGEOUS! You should see her skin! It's FLAWLESS!!!
8. She is a great friend. You should see her and her group of lady friends! They are the funniest ever! Going to lunch and gossiping away! I hope I'm like them with my friends when I'm her age! They know things about me before I even know about them happening to me!
9. She loves my Grandpa. It's so cute to see them kiss goodnight each night. That's the kind of relationship and love I want in my future marriage.
10. She's funny, smart, beautiful, loving, selfless, caring, etc. all wrapped up in a wonderful human that I am privileged and honored to call my Granny Goose!

I love you so much Grandma!
I'm so grateful to have you in my life!
Have the Happiest Birthday ever!

Love, Snorter

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Mom & Dad
The Three Stooges (Jared, Cameron, & Garrett)
Real Salt Lake
Relaxing with a Good Book
My BMT Donor
The Beach
Extended Family
Card Games
Amazing Friends
Getting a Massage
Cadbury Eggs
David Beckham
The Swim Gang
Grey's Anatomy
Movie Night
San Francisco
The Temple
The Clique
Dr. Bucur
My Life
The Savior
My Heavenly Father

(In no particular order!)

Millie Girl!

My family got my Grandpa a puppy for Christmas and surprised him Christmas morning. She stayed at my apartment for 10 days and she was the cutest little thing ever! I'm not a little dog person but I sure love this pup! We gave her to Grandpa in a stocking Christmas morning and he was so surprised and so happy! He wouldn't stop smiling! When we asked him if he liked her he said "I love her and I don't even know her yet!" Classic! She has been such a fun addition to the family and such a fun pup! She has been great for Grandpa to keep him moving and going! Millie sure loves Grandpa! Its amazing how a pet can become such a part of the family!

Millie's first bath when she was at my apartment- little drown rat!

My favorite picture yet! Christmas morning joy!

The cute new little pair!

A month later! Jan. 2011

Me and my buddy!

Taken today! How can you not love that face!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Isn't he just adorable?!

This is Greyson Chance and I think he is just too cute!
Can you believe he's only 13? What was I doing at age 13?
Probably trying to get out of piano practice!
Such a great song!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

The time has finally come and I'm back to Rio Tinto Stadium! Man I love this team! Real played Columbus Crew in the CONCACAF Quarterfinals and crushed them! We won 4-1 and it was a great victory! This is the first time an American team has gotten this far in the CONCACAF Playoffs so its a big deal!! 11 of my great friends came to the game and sat by my family, Josh, and I in our Season Tickets. Such a great night and I'm so proud of my team!! I'm so excited for the season! In honor of my roommate Emma who entertains me at our apartment with this song: "O-le, Ole Ole O-le! RE-AL...SALT LAKE!!!!

Emma, Mallory, Skyler, and Me loving the game!

Some of the gang!! Skyler, Me, Mal, Ethan, Ali, Emma, and Fred

Me and Joshie Poo staying warm!

Right before the 4th Goal (plus my main man Kyle!!)

Some of the gang! Nick, Jared, Me, Ali, Skyler, Ethan, Mal, Fred, and Emma.
So lucky to have such awesome friends!